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We bring science and practice together to create designs and innovations. In doing so, we can take the burden off you completely by arranging both the advice, the design and the installation for you.

Our latest examples are: Climate treatment for greenhouses and crops and the fully electric drying of bulb crops.

With our heat pump installations linked to air treatment it is possible to fully control the climate in a greenhouse. Heating, cooling and dehumidification are done with the same installation which also works fully electrically. This means that you are no longer dependent on gas but can provide for your own energy needs through, for example, heat recovery and solar panels.

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Wagenaar Refrigeration

Sjors Wagenaar

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    Our products

    Wagenaar Refrigeration

    Dry+ System

    Dry+ Climate is a solution for controlling the climate in (greenhouse) horticulture. It is an all-electric, plug-and-play solution for cooling and dehumidifying, heating the air in the growing space.

    Wagenaar Refrigeration

    Industrial heat pump / chiller

    An industrial heat pump/chiller with natural
    refrigerants is a sustainable electrical solution for controlling the
    climate for industrial applications. Provides cold and hot water.

    We like to take the hassle out of it


    A fresh look at the energy technology within your company sees opportunities and possibilities that you might not immediately think of. We are happy to make an appointment with you for an inventory.


    Shouting that things can be done differently is not that difficult. We don’t just shout, we actually develop and model the products that make the improvements possible.

    Installation and projectsupport

    On-site installation by a local partner with support and advice from Wagenaar Refrigeration.
    We can take over project management for you from design to realization.

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    Wagenaar Refrigeration

    Sjors Wagenaar


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