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We can write endless stories about what we do and what we can do for your business. But it is much nicer to be able to show it to you. On this page you will find some examples of projects we have worked on. So you can see and hear what we do.

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Meet us and our partners

Meet Wagenaar Refrigeration, Green Simplicity and Orange Green. Together we have developed the Dry+ Climate, the air treatment unit that can heat, cool and dehumidify and works on electricity.

Cooling, dehumidifying and heating with one unit

The Dry+ Climate unit can dehumidify, heat and cool the greenhouse. Result: better quality products and lower energy consumption. Mooij Tulips talks about their experiences in this video.

Optimal control of climate in the greenhouse

With the Dry+ Climate unit you have control over the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse. Result: Optimal growth conditions, so less attention needs to be paid to combating diseases and plagues. Would you like to take a look at Neefjes Tulpen in Berkhout?

Save energy and still get a better end product

Using 40% less energy to dehumidify the same amount of air and also being able to cool and heat. You can see how this is possible in this video.

Bulb drying plant with heat pump

By clever application of new techniques and insights, it is possible to dry bulbs much more efficiently and accurately. Not only that, it also saves a lot of energy. An advantage for the entrepreneur AND the climate. In the film you can see how.

Wagenaar Refrigeration

CO2 chiller CERN in Genève

Scientists at the international particle laboratory CERN in Geneva wanted to find a very precise and standardized way to apply CO2 cooling in their particle accelerator. With a margin of less than a tenth of a degree, this was achieved.

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