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Industrial heat pump / chiller

An industrial heat pump/chiller with natural refrigerants is a sustainable electrical solution for controlling the climate for industrial applications. Provides cold and hot water.

The heat pump/chiller can be designed to meet the desired heat demand and cooling demand. The heat pump/chiller is sustainable because it uses natural refrigerants such as R290 (Propane) or R744 (Carbon Dioxide). If the desired heat pump/chiller is not available as standard then it will be designed and manufactured.

(Proef)-koelinstallatie C02 chiller CERN

Wagenaar Refrigeration is active not only in the region but also has interesting international projects. Such as, for instance the construction of a test cooling installation for the international particle laboratory CERN in Geneva. The CO2 chiller came about because the scientists were looking for a very precise and standardized way to apply CO2 cooling in their particle accelerator, with a margin of less than a tenth of a degree. Above ground the method is tested before it is applied in the particle accelerator 100 meters underground

Wagenaar Refrigeration

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