Dry+ Climate

Wagenaar Refrigeration, in cooperation with OC Agri and Green Symplicity, has developed a suitable solution for controlling the climate in (greenhouse) horticulture and beyond. The Dry+ unit is an all-electric, plug-and-play solution for cooling and dehumidifying, and for heating the air in the cultivation space.


The Dry+ Climate consists of an all-electric air handling unit with an integrated heat pump, heat recovery and outdoor condenser. The system is distinguished by a higher efficiency of up to 50 percent compared to existing dehumidification systems.

With these technical applications, the Dry+ unit is capable of cooling, dehumidifying and heating, resulting in more flexibility and control over the entire cultivation process.

The Dry+ unit is available in three different versions, so that the dehumidification demand of each grower can be answered with a matching type of air handling unit.

Max. dehumidification per unit (18⁰C/80%):

✔ Dry+ 50    Climate  | 50 l/h
✔ Dry+ 75    Climate  | 75 l/h
✔ Dry+ 100  Climate  | 100 l/h

Wagenaar Refrigeration
Wagenaar Refrigeration

Technical functioning |  Dry+ 50 Climate

The DRY+ unit operates on the recirculation principle. The unit takes moist air from the greenhouse and dehumidifies it by using the cooling block. Due to the integrated technology, the DRY+ Climate can dehumidify 50.5 kg/hour with a nominal energy of only 11.1 kW (18°C / 80%) with consumption of 0.22 kWh/L.

With a compressor of only 9.0 kW, the DRY+ has a cooling capacity of 66 kW and a heating capacity of 75 kW. The DRY+ uses 100% of the heat released during dehumidification. You can therefore heat your greenhouse with a net heating power of 39 kW (18°C / 80%).

Air Distribution

A good climate begins with a uniform distribution of temperature and humidity throughout the cultivation space. It is important that moisture does not build up at plant level and the plant is not unnecessarily stimulated to evaporate.

The air distribution is an important component for an optimal and uniform dehumidification within the cultivation space. To achieve this result, Green Simplicity looks at each situation to see what is the most efficient way to uniformly introduce and move air at crop level. There are several options available for the uniform dehumidification:

  • Air distribution hoses at crop level: With an air duct, different air distribution hoses can be connected to the DRY+ Unit. Depending on the situation, the ideal height is determined and an optimal blowing pattern calculated to create a homogeneous climate above and between the crops.
  • Air distribution hose for even introduction into cultivation space: In an existing greenhouse longer than 40 meters, where the air is uniformly distributed by, for example, the network of horizontal or vertical fans, it is possible to introduce air with some larger distribution hoses.In this case, the distribution hoses figure only for the uniform introduction of the dry, hot or cold air along the length of the section.
  • Free blowout with support fans: In existing greenhouses with limited lengths (under 40 meters), there is often a network of horizontal and/or vertical fans for moving the air at crop level. In this situation the DRY+ can blow the air freely in the room and the treated air is distributed by the existing network.
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